Our Rooms

  • The Champernowne Room
    The Champernowne Room
    Named after Arthur Champernowne, the English politician, high sheriff and soldier who lived at Dartington Hall from 1524 to 1578, the Champernowne room has its own en-suite bathroom with a shower.  The room looks out both on to the Devonshire countryside and towards the courtyard at the back of the house.
  • The Heckstall-Smith Room
    The Heckstall-Smith Room
    This room is named after the Heckstall-Smith family who were former owners of The Old Parsonage.  The room has two single beds and an en-suite bathroom.  The Heckstall-Smith rooms looks out to the front of the house and an acre of woodland.
  • The Ashprington Room
    The Ashprington Room
    The Ashprington Room is currently under renovation